About Anna

I'm Anna Scanlon, an American ex-pat residing in the United Kingdom, near London. Currently, I work as both a full-time ghostwriter for various publications and clients.

In 2017, I graduated from the University of Leicester with a PhD in History focusing on Anne Frank and her changing image in theatre. In 2012, I graduated with an MA from the University of Amsterdam (Amsterdam Merit Scholar) in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, writing a thesis on France and its changing view of its own involvement of the Holocaust. 

While at the University of Leicester, I was an Auschwitz Jewish Center Fellow in conjunction with the AJC in Poland and the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York City. 

I also hold an MA in Educational Theatre from NYU and a BA in French from Chapman University. 

As of 2018, I am the author of three books: Unravelled, The Remnants and Children of the Most High. You can click on the "Books" section of this site for more information. 

Thus far, my work has appeared on the BBC, The Forward, Purina, Debenhams, XOJane, The Mighty, USA Today, Washington Post and the American Dental Association. 

Past content writing specialities (and more clips available upon request) include travel, history, chronic illness, living with lupus, celebrity gossip, SEO, retail, product descriptions, pet care, blog management and many other categories. 

I have experience with both WordPress and Blogger and am experienced with social media.

If you're interested in working together, drop me a line below.

Do You Wish to Work Together?

I'm available for positions in the United Kingdom, in the Greater London or Birmingham areas. I'm available for freelance work, as well as education or other opportunities pertaining to the Holocaust and/or World War II.

You may also email directly at anna.j.scanlon@gmail.com.

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