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No, We Don’t Have to Be Grateful for Your Ableist Advice

I was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus in 2010, after five years of debilitating symptoms. As someone who has been through the ringer with an illness no one can seem to place, until they can and you’re told it has no cure, I know all about how desperate you or your family members get to find anything that can help. At first, you read on the internet that turmeric can cure achy joints, that going vegan can cure your illness, that someone has published a book about how you can cure your

Finland: This is How Much Exercise Kids Need

The Finnish government has recently introduced physical fitness guidelines, stating that children need at least 3 hours of exercise per day. Finnish children are known the be among the world’s most physically fit. [1] This guideline is 3 times the amount of exercise recommended for children in the United States and the United Kingdom. Both governments, respectively, recommend that children put in 1 hour of activity per day. While both countries ask parents to limit screen time and sedentary act

A Village Full of Centenarians Shares Secrets to Longevity

Acciaroli, Italy is known for two things: its stunning seaside beauty and the fact that 1 in 10 people who inhabit the village are classed as centenarians – someone who lives to be 100 years old or more. Eighty-one of its 7,000 citizens are over 100, not to mention a large population of those living healthily in their 80’s and 90’s. Drawn to understand the secret of their longevity, scientists at Rome’s Sapienza University and the San Diego School of Medicine spent 6 months studying the locals

What Not to Say to Someone With Lupus: Unhelpful Comments to Avoid

Lupus can be a difficult disease to understand, especially because it comes and goes. Those of us with lupus can look completely healthy one day and then be bedridden the next, which makes many people question us and our disease. This can be very frustrating. As someone who has had lupus for 10 years now (yikes!), the comments others make can be really annoying. We know most people are just trying to help, but it can still put a damper on your entire day. If you know someone with lupus, these

What to Do in Budapest: 5 Ways to Experience Hungarian Culture

Budapest isn’t always a destination at the top of everyone’s list, but it definitely should be. Although Hungarian is not an easy language to learn, Hungary is just foreign enough to a North American or western European while still holding something a little familiar. Budapest, the capital of the country, is home to about a tenth of the population and is deeply rooted in culture and history. If you’re wondering what to do in Budapest here are five attractions you won’t want to miss and four foo

What Not to Miss in Amsterdam: Must-See Points of Interest

To many foreign tourists, Amsterdam means three things: legal prostitution, legal weed and the Anne Frank House. Although those three things are accurate (though the legality of marijuana is a bit more complicated than many think), if you limit your experience to the typical tourist spots you will find you’ve missed a whole world of amazing things to do and see in the capital of the Netherlands. If you live in the UK, Amsterdam is easy to get to, making it a great August Bank Holiday weekend g

Lupus and Photosensitivity: How to Manage Lupus Sun Sensitivity

One of the most prevalent symptoms for lupus is photosensitivity, or being sensitive to light. Tack on the fact that most lupus patients are also given medication that makes photosensitivity worse, and you’re looking at some pretty miserable days out during the summer. I’ve actually been photosensitive my entire life thanks to my father’s extra-white Polish and Irish heritage, which demanded 50+ sunscreen any time we spent time outside. Growing up in California and vacationing with my relatives